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Apostle David & Renee Watkins
Pastor DCMM & Grace Covenant
Bishop Operates in Miracles and Healing in the RUSH of St. Louis, Mo.
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THE RUSH REVIVAL CRUSADES was a vision birth in the spirit of Bishop Ernest Johnson during a revival crusade in the Virgin Islands with the Dorea Charra Miracle Ministries in 1994. 4a.m. Caribian time, as Bishop Johnson heard the voice of the Lord say, "RUSH THE DEVIL'S KINGDOM AND TAKE BACK EVERYTHING THAT THE DEVIL HAS TAKEN FROM HIS PEOPLE."   These are the words that rang out as Bishop looked into the seperated darkeness of the sea and the Caribean skys. With a powerful unction from God, as soon as Bishop hit the states he began to rally up churches to be a part of a massive street evangelism effort.  This culminated in a large crusade at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The Crusades and the souls have never stopped.  TBN and Many Ministries became partners to this Apostolic Move of God. The Move of God is even stronger and the miracles are even more powerful today than ever before. Bring a RUSH CRUSADE to your town or church.
It was on a ship like this, but Royal Caribbean Cruse Lines, that the RUSH CRUSADES was birth. The photo to the right has become a comon scene at RUSH Crusades around the World.
The RUSH CRUSADES baptizes in JESUS NAME and we pray for the people to recieve The Holy Ghost
                  ACTS 2:38
ACTS 2:1-4, 38
"Taking a Living  God To A Dying world with the power of the HOLY GHOST
RUSH at HOPEWELL Baptist Church of Norcross, Ga. that drew 3,000 per night. Several Churches were birth out of this crusade.